Voted by You.

The QCA's are all about bringing the power back to the people. There are no judges or panels, and every winner is chosen by you. Period.

Maximum one vote per day per person. Voting opens Sept 1, 2017 & closes Oct 31 at 11:59pm


Endless Nominees.

Traditional nomination processes are for the birds! Our nomination process is built into our voting. At any point in the competition, new nominees can be added. But watch out -- if you don't vote for your favourite, they might just be booted out by a new nominee!

Nominees are only voted out when a category reaches 25 nominees and a 26th nominee gets more votes than one of the 25.


Unique Categories. Just Like You.

Our categories are fun and celebrate the many facets that make LGBTQ Toronto a super awesome place to live, work, and play. Then, of course, we have the Random Award too. Because, why not?

The Random Award has no criteria for eligibility. Anybody, anyplace, or anything can win it, for any reason.

Resources for Nominees

We believe that the squeaky wheel truly does get the grease in life. Nominees for any category can download resources such as posters and online assets to help them promote themselves.

Download Nominee Resources

To keep it fair for all nominees, we will NOT provide customized assets. You may feel free to use our "Customizable" assets to create your own in accordance with the Terms of Use.

Resources for Sponsors

The QCA's would not be possible without the love and support we get from our Sponsors. If you or your business is interested in sponsoring the QCA's, you can request the Sponsorship Kit by emailing Alex Roberts at alex@moovmarketing.com.

Unlike other awards programs, Sponsors are eligible to win awards just like everyone else. We do, however, place a disclaimer on categories where a Sponsor is nominated to help make people aware that they are voting for a Sponsor. Afterall, if you're the winner everyone wants, why can'tyou win?